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Homeless Not Helpless-Still Human

Saving one life at a time.....


Muture Sisters 


MSO was founded in 2009 by a woman who has dedicated her life to helping homeless men and women regain their independence. 

Mission Statement:

MSO has made a commitment to provide supportive services that includes referrals to substance use, mental health and medical treatment providers,

hygiene packages and hot showers to the homeless population in the City of Paterson. Our organization is designed to allow men and women to grow

physically, mentally and spiritually while building their self-esteem.



Muture Sisters objectives are to be an exemplary community service organization dedicated to elevating and enrich the dignity of men and women.


Muture Sisters is a UNITED group of women whose objective is to combat homelessness and mental illness affecting the homeless population in the

City of Paterson.  We volunteer our time by sharing our STRENGTH, HOPE & EXPERIENCES.  Our goal is to encourage, inspire and build up our

brothers and sisters out there that is still sick and suffering due to the illness that has them bound.  Muture Sisters is 501C3 tax exemption

organization.  We do welcome donations from those who share our compassion.   Ultimately our desire is to be the change our CITY needs

one brother and sister at a time!!!!  HOMELESS NOT HELPLESS-STILL HUMAN 

MSO distributed 3,075 Care Packages 2009-2019, provided holiday dinner to 45 needy families 2015-2019, Toy Donations to 2 fire victims in

2016 & 2017,

provided Christmas Blessing to 25 young men/women in a youth group home.  MSO host their Daily Shower Event the first week of June every year

since 2017.  During this event the homeless is offered a hot shower, nutrition meal, supportive services and prayer.  In the past 6 years 1, 532 homeless

men and women benefited from this event.  (2017-50 people, 2018-191 people, 2019-266 people, 2021-197 people, 2022-244 people and 2023-584 people)

 During this 6-year initiative 20 participants received mental health information regarding treatment options, 12 participants referred

to detox/outpatient treatment programs, 1 participant return back to Camden County, 183 participants completed HIV screening (testing) and

34 participants received haircuts.


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